5+ Glass Dining Table And Chairs

Glass Dining Table And Chairs

Glass Dining Table And Chairs

How To Clean Up Glass Dining Table And Chairs

Glass dining table and chairs are chosen most frequently because of the beauty. Indeed, when it comes to beauty glass as the material is beyond comparison. Another reason for choosing this kind of table and chairs is that those furniture pieces are much more resistant to things like water or spills. It is serious because we are discussing about furniture for the dining room.

Despite the high level of aesthetics of glass as one of the materials of dining table and chairs and the performance, even so, it is not wholly flawless.

In some certain respects, when buying dining table and chairs made of dominantly glass, there are some unfruitful consequences that you will face. The first consequence is that you need to be more careful when ‘treating’ the chairs and table because the glass is easy to break. The second one is that glass is easy to look dirty so that frequent clean up is a must.

To clean glass dining table and chairs…

For the latter, we cannot just take it lightly that we practice in everyday life to not clean routinely the entire glass surfaces. Debris, dust, splashes of water and things are easy to be seen when attaching on such surfaces.

Cleaning up routinely means a daily activity. For some people, this may be boring, especially if they don’t know the right technique to deal with that. Glass cleaning seems simple but only in a correct way that the optimal cleaning can be dealt with.

There are steps that you need to follow to clean such kind of dining table and chairs.

1# Remove anything on top.

Before cleaning, first things first, remove anything from the glass top and any other glass-made area. Ashtrays, flower vases, and things must not be on there when it is about to clean up.

2# Dust.

The first thing to do after the removal is to dust. Best of all, use a cloth that is made of microfiber. Do this thoroughly and carefully so that before you do the next thing you can make sure that it is clean from dust and any other thing like debris, spills, etc.

3# Wet with hot water.

After dusting, use a water spray to make the glass surfaces wet. The wetness will make the cleaning gets more and more thorough and any spills and things that are harder to remove can be easier to remove.

4# Wipe.

After waiting for a while, all areas of the glass dining table and chairs that are wet need to be dried. To do so, make use of the cloth that has been dry.

5# Add vinegar for sticky things.

For a perfect result, use vinegar. Such a substance will remove sticky things.

6# Wipe again.

Once again, wipe the wet areas.

Now is your time to do.

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