5+ Kitchen Cupboard Paint

Kitchen Cupboard Paint

Kitchen Cupboard Paint

Kitchen : Such Of Easy Renovation

If we want to update the look of a kitchen without spending a lot of money then do repainting the kitchen cabinets can be a very good idea for us to apply. Kitchen cupboard paint will be one part of a renovation project that we can do alone because it is quite easy and fun. We also do not need to spend a lot of money to do so.

It is certainly different when we have to make the purchase of new kitchen cupboard that is certainly going to spend a lot of savings and for some homeowners this is something that is out of range. Kitchen cabinets that already dull and gloomy can we fix to display the new face fresh and interesting by applying kitchen cupboard paint. The process that we call the cabinet refacing will be very easy with the process that will not make us hassles at all. To make things clearer, the following is the procedure that we can do to implement the cabinet painting. First, be sure to prepare some materials including paint brush with good quality, sandpaper, fabrics, and paints with color adjusted to the new look we wanted. Second, remove all drawers and kitchen cabinet doors. Remove also all attached hardware, including hinges, door handles, screws, and others. Clean the kitchen cabinets and do some minor repairs if we find any cracks or holes or other damage. Apply wood putty and sandpaper afterward. Make sure to resolve all the problems associated with the inherent damage to the kitchen cabinets before applying the paint with a certain color. Sandpaper all surfaces of kitchen cabinet and wash it all. Third, apply the paint with a color that we want as an important procedure in the kitchen cupboard paint. Start of the cabinet frame and then walked to the door and all drawers. Let dry completely before we apply a second coat of paint.

Fourth, implement new hardware on kitchen cabinets that had finished we paint. This will help improve the look and kitchen cabinet as a whole. Customize the style of hardware that we choose the decor of the room to get a similarity of tone. Prices will we spend on hardware will not make us a perforated bag. Kitchen cupboard paint will be one of the renovation projects that cheap, easy, and able to bring a fresh look and WOW in the kitchen without a doubt.

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