5+ Leather Furniture Repair

Leather Furniture Repair

Leather Furniture Repair

Leather Furniture Repair  : Get Leather Kit Now!

If we want to know how about leather furniture repair, especially for leather sofa, then we have been in the right place. As we all know, leather sofa is one of the important assets to help improve the interior of a room. By having a leather sofa, then we will make a room look more charming and at the same time able to provide maximum comfort in accordance with what we want. When we decided to have a leather sofa, then we must understand about how to take care to always perform optimally sofa. Basically, clean and care for leather sofa is not difficult and certainly not many treatments that we will apply. Then, what if one day we find that we are proud leather sofa is damaged? Well, do not worry because here are some things we can do to help minimize the damage.

For the first step in a leather furniture repair is to make sure that we had leather kits are widely available at local furniture stores. These kits typically contain several items to clean leather and do some improvements in a variety of scales. The next step we need to do is prepare the surface. As is known, which is used to manufacture leather sofa has a protective layer on the surface. The protective layer is made to make the sofa has a longer durability. Clean dust and dirt from the leather by using a cleaning solution that we can get from leather kit. When we find the edges tend to curled up toward the outside, then we have a part of the scissors and get smooth finish. (1) Leather furniture repair for scratches and cracks on the leather sofa – we could finish scratches or cracks on the sofa using a filler of leather that can help us get in the kit. Take filler with a palette knife, then apply it over the area that is scratched or cracked so completely covered, let it dry thoroughly, and finally apply sandpaper. Anyway, be sure to leave the area untouched least overnight to dry completely, and then the next day we could clean the area and apply a protector.

(2) Leather furniture repair for cracks and holes – if this is damage that we find on the leather sofa then this will make us involve the use of leather patch. Leather patch will serve to cover the hole. Usually we can get it attached at the bottom of the couch. Yup, many manufacturers provide a piece of leather that we can use a backup in case of damage that makes us have to apply the patch. Perform measurements of holes and cracks that experienced by the leather sofa, then cut leather patches and a half inches larger than necessary. Enter the leather patch into the hole, grab adhesive and apply on the bottom edge and press down until the leather patch stick perfectly with the rest of the leather. Wait a few hours until the adhesive is fully dry before we apply sandpaper in the surrounding area. For the last touch of leather furniture repair, use a protective coat to cover the repaired area.

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