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Some Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Design And Set Up Modern Kitchens

In some modern kitchens, why can’t we feel comfortable? Is there something wrong with the kitchens? Are the designs the causes of all of the problems? Well, not only in the contemporary era but also in the past, kitchen has been a crucial part of a house inseparable from how we live every day. Thus, the significance of a kitchen toward someone’s life is massive as it was in the past time. Meanwhile, in every era, there are always problems related to kitchens, especially related to the designs or concepts in a broader sense.

More specifically to modern kitchens, there are several problems that are quite familiar to a vast majority of householders. Practically, these cannot be just separated from the causes that interestingly come from mistakes when designing the kitchens.

In sum, here are some of the most familiar mistakes about designing and setting up kitchens of modern style. Here you go:

  1. The Wrong Positioning of the Fridge

Smaller refrigerators are often integrated to the kitchen cabinets in modern kitchens. It is done to save more space in each of such kitchen interiors. But, a large fridge is impossible to be integrated to the cabinetry. Instead, such a standalone fridge is located in a separated area on the floor.

What is the consequence of it? The direct consequence of it is that it needs space that may be problematic if it is located in a small-sized kitchen. Hence, a perfect positioning is crucial. It is especially when it comes to which direction the door will swing to.

  1. The Wrong Positioning of the Top Cabinets

Another problem is, again, related to the positioning. In this case, the problem occurs to the top cabinets that are usually installed by the ceiling. It is more about the distance from the base cabinets’ top to the bottom of the top ones.

Miscalculating the gap between both can lead to two contrast problems: 1) you cannot reach the top cabinets; 2) you can reach the cabinets but can’t feel comfortable when doing it because the cabinets’ too-low position. Modern kitchens need perfection in anything. Thus, you cannot underrate it.

  1. Choosing Only The Top Quality Tops

Countertop selection mistakes are not that often. But if those happen, you may suffer big losses. You know, it is clear that some materials of tops are so expensive. Let’s just mention granite, stainless-steel, and things. However, modern kitchens can still look good with some more affordable top materials, e.g. laminate.

Surely, there more than 3 mistakes proven causing problems in designing as well as setting up modern-styled kitchen interiors.

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