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Nursery Curtains

Nursery Curtains

Basic Elements Of Nursery Curtains

A nursery room is supposed to be designed specifically so that it will be supportive to its use as a room for baby or babies. In this sense, all of the interior elements have to be included, e.g. the wall paint, bedding, flooring, and curtains. All in all, the design of each of those has to be matching with the very concept of a nursery room. That is why you should understand what it is and how it should appear.

In this article, what I want to discuss is about nursery curtains.

What makes a curtain suitable to a nursery room?

How are the criteria of a good curtain for a nursery room?

To answer the questions above, there are several basic elements of nursery curtains that you should understand. The understanding on those elements also will help you have a right imagination of how a good curtain for a nursery room is.

Here are the basic elements to pay attention…

  1. Matching color

The color of each curtain should match with the color of the theme of the room. Usually, an expert also adds some neutral color(s) to combine with the previous color. The very benefit of the mixture is that it creates a calm comforting nuance. To say, the least, the present of the neutral color will soften whole color scheme in the interior. Babies always need such a kind of nuance.

  1. Cotton as the preferable material

The presence of curtains in a nursery room is not only to block the sun light but also hamper dust from too much entering the room. Such a function will ‘active’ anytime you open the windows.

In this respect, the best material choice is cotton because cotton is naturally effective in ‘catching’ things like dust. Meanwhile, when we talk about the significance of it to the functionality of the room, it is so significant because babies are still very vulnerable to health problems caused by dust.

An alternative to cotton is silk. But, the worst thing about silk is the price.

  1. High curtains

The width of the curtains in a nursery room is basically based on the style of each window available in the room. Nevertheless, it is recommended to choose what we call ‘high curtains’, ones that are installed high far from the floor surface so that a baby who has already started creeping will be difficult to reach them.

  1. Cute curtain patterns

The last element of nursery curtains is the print pattern. Either for a baby boy or baby girl, the curtains should to look cute. The difference may just lies on the print choice. For instance, normally, baby girls are given curtains with flower patterns.

Actually, the key is your knowledge about babies.

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