5+ Over Toilet Storage

Over Toilet Storage

Over Toilet Storage

The Benefits Of Having Over Toilet Storage

The bathroom generally has some major storage furniture items, e.g. like a bathroom vanity. But, there are also various alternative ideas out of such major pieces that are offered to comply with the need of storage in the bathroom. One of such alternatives is over toilet storage.

It is a nice idea but unluckily has never been very popular. On a minority of designers decide applying such an idea when setting up or remodeling bathrooms.

I think that the biggest factor of such unpopularity is the lack of information about such an idea. Hence, to comply with that, here I show you several benefits of having over toilet storage.  Here you go:

1# It requires no extra space for it is usually designed by referring to some standard size of toilet.

Toilets available in the market are commonly manufactured according to some standard measurements. You know, there are rules about this matter. Interestingly, such a type of storage is generally made based on the sizes of such toilets as well. Thus, it is easy to imagine that every piece of storage of this kind that you buy will not require any extra space horizontally except on occupying the space on the wall above the toilet. Thus, you shouldn’t be worried about lacking of space after installing such a storage.

2# It plays a role as either providing storage or a part of décor.

Because you install storage, the aim of this installation is to provide some space to store things. But, when it comes to such a type of storage, you automatically deal with the makeover of the aesthetics of the interior. Why? It is because its presence always has a potency to enhance the view of the interior, especially the area around the toilet. Of course, to deal with this, you need to find a correct piece of storage that will be suitable to the style of the toilet below it.

3# It optimizes each space.

Over toilet storage actually is a solution to the limitedness of space in a bathroom interior. As we all know, the area above a toilet is originally left vacant. In nearly all spacious bathroom interiors, such an idea practically is not likely to be applied. It is especially since there are still lots of available spaces in the interior that can be used to locate things like a bathroom vanity. It is certainly contrast to smaller bathrooms in general because it is nearly impossible to place too-big things. And, such an idea consequently becomes one of the best options to make.

What about it now? As of these recent days, such a type of storage seems to be much more preferable.

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