5+ Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Some Tips Of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Whether or not the material of your kitchen cabinets is wood, refacing is something that you may be unable to avoid. In time, a good finishing even can fade away. Needless to say, natural disturbances as well as any contacts dealing with human activities are often too strong for paint or lacquer or varnish to keep in a good condition.

Meanwhile, painting kitchen cabinets has become one of the refacing methods proven effective enough in renovating the cabinets.

Can you paint kitchen cabinets? Let us show you some tips to paint kitchen cabinets.

*) Gather the supplies as completely as possible.

The first thing to do surely is to gather the supplies including the materials and tools. As for those, here is what you need to provide: a screwdriver, a sponge, a bucker, a pair of surgical rubber gloves, a putty knife, wood filler, a TSP, and some sheets of sandpapers, cloth, primer, main paint, and brushes. It is strongly recommended to gather all of those because missing one or two will be potential to make you find a problem when conducting the project.

**) Make a plan and prepare first.

After the supplies are all ready, now, you need to make a plan before doing anything further. This includes gathering any possible suggestions or tips from people who are more experienced in this field. Searching for advices would help you preventing any failures dealing with mistakes possibly done. Such a preparation needs to be accomplished in order to successfully conducting all the processes.

**) The primer must be selected based on the surface’s characteristics.

It is extremely important to select the best primer. What is the best primer? It is primer that would suit the typicality of the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets. For example, if you have wooden cabinets thus the primer should fits them. You can’t just choose primer that is designed for metal cabinets if the material is wood.

***) The paint should be properly chosen.

Like when you are selecting the primer, the paint should also be chosen correctly. During the painting kitchen cabinets project, there are usually a couple of options of main paints that you need to choose, i.e. water-based paint or oil-based paint. Both have pros and cons. the oil-based one is typically longer-lasting but requiring a better ventilation.

****) Don’t forget to uninstall the doors, shelves, and things like knobs when painting kitchen cabinets.

Another thing that you can never forget deals with the removal of the hardware prior applying the primer and main paint. Separating the parts will make it easier to apply the new paint.

I am happy if you take not all of these tips.

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