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4 Best Spots To Install Pendant Lighting

For people who know much about interior design, pendant lighting has been something so familiar. Installed by hanging from the ceiling, such a type of lighting is quite significant in enhancing the aesthetics of the area in which this lighting type is located.

Meanwhile, the ways of installation of such a type of lighting are abundant although the effect from each of the ways is hardly the same. It means that one way is better and more preferable than the other and vice versa.

Dealing with such quality ranking, here are several top ways of pendant lighting installations:

  • Some pendant lamps hanging above a table set.

One of the most preferable spots of pendant lamp installation is above a table set consisting of a table and a couple of chairs. The lamp is exactly 28-32 inches above the set. Such a model of installation is most popularly set up in the dining room.

  • Some pendant lamps hanging over the entry.

In case of which room suits the placement of such a type of lighting, the entry that is the first area a visitor or guest enters is also a good area to set it up. The very purpose of the installation is certainly to add the decoration of the interior. This kind of lighting will create some dramatic effect that will enhance the value of the room wholly. One tip for you dealing with this idea: the gap between the fixtures and the floor shouldn’t be too far though the entry of a house is commonly quite high.

  • In the stairwell

Out of the sphere of living quarters, exactly in any building that has a stairwell, pendant lighting is worthy of a choice. There are two basic functions of the installation of such a kind of lighting. The first function deals with the need of sufficient illumination. Meanwhile, the other function is about the artistic value it can give to the area. You know, it can become some sculptural element needed to make the room perfect.

  • Over the Kitchen Island

If in a dining room, pendant lamps are best placed over the table, installing such a kind of lighting in the kitchen in the same house would be a splendid decision. The presence of the lighting, which is in the right position, can give a balance.  The gap between the top of the island and the fixture(s) isn’t much different from what you can find in the dining room. To say the most, you can adjust the height of the fixture due to some particular height of the island.

The four examples do not represent all possible pendant lighting installation ideas but are too good to ignore.

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