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Plastic Storage Drawers

Adding Decoration To Plastic Storage Drawers

In spite of all benefits that we can get from having a plastic storage, have you ever realized that the appearance of the drawers sometimes make it look plain and thus boring. It is especially if we refer to a transparent or one-colored plastic drawer. Unluckily, such a kind of plastic storages is the easiest-to-find at homes.

But, there are always ways to make a plastic storage look more eye-catching. Well, adding the plastic storage drawers some decorative ornament is one of such fruitful ways.

It is easy to do so?

Certainly, decorating the drawers of a plastic storage is not difficult at all. Besides, it won’t take so long to finish because as long as you can do it well it will take less than an hour.

Are the tools and materials too many?

Not at all. What you need to decorate the drawers are just a few of tools as well as a couple of materials. Interestingly, they are generally easy to find. I believe there are local stores in your area that sell those. Even if you can find any store selling the materials and tools for this project, there are a millions of online stores that are happy to help you provide those things.

What are the materials needed?

Specifically for the materials, several basic things need to be provided such as a measure tape, a pair of scissors, glue, and some material(s) to cover the apparent outer surfaces of the drawers. As for the latter, it is up to you to decide material. You can use cloth. You can also use papers and any other material.

Would you tell me how to do decorating the plastic storage drawers?

Sure, to decorate such storage drawers, there are some steps that you MUST follow:

Step 1# take note the measurements of all parts (surfaces) of each of the drawers that one can view.

Step 2# based on your note of the measurements, cut the decorative covering material that you have prepare. It is to make sure that the edges material will be flush with edges of the drawers.

Step 3# spread the glue. At this stage, any kind of adhesive is okay to use as long as it can make the decorative material strongly attached. Some spray glue would be a nice choice.

Step 4# the last step of decorating plastic storage drawers is to attach the decorative material, whether cloth or else, to each of the drawers’ surfaces over the glue that has been evenly spread.

Every step is simple, right?

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