5+ Single Bed With Storage

Single Bed With Storage

Single Bed With Storage

Step By Step To Transform A Bookcase Into A Single Bed With Storage

Without any professional’s help, making a bed can be a mission impossible. But, it is not always like that if you can find some smart idea to do so like the following. In this article, I will show you how to make a single bed with storage by making use of a used bookcase.

The benefit of using a bookcase to make this kind of bed is that you don’t have to make the drawers because they are already available so that the process of making the bed is going to be quicker. Alright, now let’s just begin.

What are the materials needed?

Some materials that you can’t leave behind are a used bookcase and a mattress. Some other materials required are some pieces of plywood. You may also need some paint. As for this, the color is up to you. Some pieces of MDF, glue, and nails are also needed. Some hinges may also be needed.

How is the making process?

The process of making a single bed with storage deals with combining three parts of the bed, including the bookcase, the platform where the mattress will be placed on to, and the mattress itself. Step by step, the procedures are as follows:

  1. Prepare the bookcase.

The first step is you prepare the bookcase. Lay it down on the floor where one of the sides of the bookcase is in the lower position exactly on the floor and the other side is on top. It makes the front side of the bookcase face side.

  1. Set up the platform.

Cut the plywood into dimensions that suit the size of the bookcase or any dimensions that suit your need. It is recommended to cut the plywood sheet a fraction wider than the dimensions of the bookcase so that the edges overlap them. Under the plywood, set up some wood panels onto which the plywood is supposed to be installed. The wood panels need to be nailed in order to attach to the bookcase. After that, nail the plywood. Use also some wood glue to strengthen the attachment. On top of the plywood layer, some piece of MDF needs to be installed now.

  1. Make the drawers’ doors (optional).

What about the doors of the drawers. Well, since most bookcases don’t have doors and if you want to get those covered, you can make the doors. MDF doors will be perfect. Measure the dimensions of the drawers to measure the size of the doors. Cut the MDF according to the measurements.

  1. Install the doors.

The next step of making a single bed with storage is to install the doors. Connect the doors with the hinges that you have prepared.

  1. Paint the whole unit.

Now, it is time to paint the whole bed unit. Using one color only is good because it will show a unity.

  1. Place the mattress over the platform.

Lastly, the place the mattress after the paint is dry.

Your single bed with storage is ready to use.

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