5+ Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment Ideas  : Get Cozy And Roomy

If at this time we decided to stay in the apartment and wanted to do a number of settings to make it look more comfortable and roomy, it’s time to get small apartment ideas from some reliable sources including magazines, catalogs, and the Internet. There are so many design ideas for a small apartment that we can use and take advantage of in order to maximize the function and appearance of the apartment itself. As we know, as a place to stay that is currently selected, staying in apartment can be very challenging because it is small and limited every space we have.

We must make every effort to bring the idea of ​​the proper design and here are some small apartment ideas we can pay attention to get what we want.

(1) Furnishing – to decorate a small apartment, then we would need a super high creativity and thinking. This we do in order to utilize the limited space and fill it with some furniture that is functional and aesthetic value high. Make sure not to put too much furniture because it certainly will not succeed in making the room look comfortable. Choose furniture with high value functionality such as being able serve a double function as a sofa bed that can be converted into a sofa during the day and a bed at night. Be sure to apply the appropriate setting for furniture including not placing furniture too close to the door. When we have a rectangular room then select furniture with a longer shape which will give a more appealing visual appearance of the room.

(2) Curtain – for the selection of blinds, be sure to use a material made from lightweight fabrics as one of the small apartment ideas we can apply. This will make the room to get lighter and air circulation smoothly. In addition, choose curtains with a unique color or by considering the dominant color in the room, then hanging on the ceiling so that the ceiling gives the appearance of higher and more spacious rooms. We can also choose to get a curtain of fabric embroidery or beads that would be appropriate in a small room.

(3) Bathroom area – we can choose to apply a light color on the bathroom walls to make the room look more spacious as small apartment ideas we can apply. As for the colors used to decorate the walls should be lighter than the color of the walls. Use the tiles with matching color to the walls to give the harmonization of the room. (4) Bedroom area – get bed with storage that will help us make the room look more organized. Be sure to apply the large windows to let in more light, making the room seem more warm and open, and to give a more appealing visual appearance overall.

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