5+ Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas : Think Big!

There is a row of small living room ideas that we can get if we want to conduct a search in a number of places including magazines and the Internet. As we know, the living room is one room that has a vital role in any room of the house where it is used as a place for us greet guests who came and also used as an entertainment room for the whole family. To be able to bring the atmosphere and look comfortable and pleasant, then we as homeowners are obliged to plan everything well.

So that the room appears more spacious, airy, and comfortable, then there are a number of small living room ideas that we can apply as follows. First, be sure to apply the soft colors or pastel color into the room. This is we do to the small living room seem more airy and large. In addition, we can also choose to apply a neutral color such as white or cream that will work well in a small room. Do not forget to apply a lighter color than the color of the walls to the ceiling in order to present the appearance of the ceiling is higher. For color furniture, be sure to get the color that is able to coordinate well with the color of the walls, floor, and other decorative items. Second, note that we will apply the lighting in the room. It would be very good if we could include more natural light in the room to make the room seem more bright and open. To maximize natural lighting function, be sure not to apply heavy curtains in interior design. Third, make sure to minimize the amount of chaos as one of the small living room ideas that we can apply. This can be done by facilitating the living room with a number of integrated storage with other furniture. We can choose to get furniture with multiple functions to be placed in the living room like choosing to apply the coffee table with storage at the bottom, wall storage, and other storage items. In addition to getting an adequate amount of storage, do not forget to not put too many items into the room of the small size. If we are determined to do so, it will only be a small living room seems stuffy, smaller, and full. It’s certainly not something we want, is not it?!.

In addition to several small living room ideas that have been mentioned, we also have a number of tips that may come in handy when decorating a small living room as follows. (1) Use a mirror to help create the illusion of space. Hanging a mirror in front of the entrance and see how your current living room; (2) Add depth and dimension to the room by applying a number of different textures on a small living room at the same time. It would be very nice; (3) Make a rearrangement of furniture and get the best settings to make the room seem more spacious.

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