5+ Storage Boxes With Lids

Storage Boxes With Lids

Storage Boxes With Lids

An Easy Way To Make Diy Storage Boxes With Lids

There are companies that produce storage boxes and then sell them, including storage boxes with lids. The qualities are commonly reliable. It means good. But, sometimes, people consider that paying for storage boxes is something unnecessary let alone purchasing branded storage boxes. Some think that the budget supposed to buy those items is better to allocate to any more urgent need.

The answer to this tendency is to deal with DIY storage boxes.

How is to deal with Do-It-Yourself storage boxes?

First things first, you need to understand if it may be that factory-made storage boxes are potentially better in quality than what you are going to make. In other words, a storage box or storage boxes that you will make might be not as fancy as those professionally manufactured. Nevertheless, I am 100% sure that any DIY storage box is far less costly that will save much of your money in comparison to when you just buy, buy and buy.

A fruitful option, here I will explain how to build storage boxes, particularly storage boxes with lids.

Prepare the tools and materials.

The Materials:

Some pieces of cardboard boxes (either small or big ones) need to be provided.

The Tools:

One of the must-have tools is a box cutter. This cannot be forgotten otherwise you’ll have no idea how to cut all the boxes that you have. 3 other tools are a ruler and a pencil and pair of scissors. As for the function of it, I am certain everybody knows. The ruler will be used to measure and then mark where to cut, where to join, and so forth. A rotary cutter might also be needed. Well, the function of it is to deal with the final cutting as well as the folds cardboard scoring.

Several types of tapes are also required. These are even one of the most important tools. Among all tools are wide masking, duct, paper mailing and clear mailing tapes. Last but not least, you will need also adhesive.

Step 1: To make a piece of storage box, use the small box to be the container. Use the big box to be the lid. Do the same if you want to make the next storage box with lid.

Step 2: In order to make the lid suits the size of the box, use your ruler, pencil and scissors to measure, mark, and cut. After that, use the glue to make the ‘new’ customized lid. Meanwhile, the excess flaps need to be wasted.

Basically, it is finished now. To make many other storage boxes with lids, restart the steps. Adding some ornaments will be better.

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