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Storage Furniture

Storage Furniture

The Most Popular Home Storage Furniture

In the world of home furniture, there are a couple of very popular types of storage furniture scattered around the house. In the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and the rest, you can just find them. Practically, the names as well as forms are diverse. And, in each room, there is at least one type of furniture designed primarily for storage.

I bet that you are guessing now what all the furniture items I am referring to. Well, let me confirm your guessing with these storage furniture items, as follows:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets and Island in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, there are minimally two types of furniture that have a storing function—kitchen cabinets and kitchen island. Most commonly, you can find both of the items in the same kitchen. If the kitchen island is usually located in the middle of the room (just like an island), the kitchen cabinets typically line the walls. Kitchen cabinets usually have more shelves that those in the island, especially due to the larger measurements of them.

  1. Bathroom Vanity in the Bathroom

There are two types of vanities possibly available in a house—one is a vanity designed for the bathroom and the other is one designed for the bedroom. Having similar names with each other, the appearances as well as functions of the two are also similar, though not exactly the same. In the bathroom, it is more popular as a bathroom vanity. Such a kind of furniture typically has cabinets where you can store things like towels, soaps, shampoos, bathrobes, etc. The location of the cabinets is underneath the top where you can find a sink, a faucet, and also a mirror.

  1. Bedroom Vanity and Wardrobe in the Bedroom

As stated before, it has some similarities with a bathroom vanity. The difference is on the top where you cannot find any sink and faucet. Instead, you’ll find a flat to that can be used to place makeup tools, books, and etcetera. A mirror is also available.

Nevertheless, what you will underneath the top is the same as what you can see under a bathroom vanity’s top. There is a set of cabinets in form of drawers.

  1. Bookcase and Multimedia Cabinets in the Living Room

Moving to the living room, what kind of storage furniture that you can find in there? Well, minimally you can see a unit of multimedia cabinets where you find a television, DVD players, etc. In many living rooms, you can also find bookcases.

  1. Dishes Organizer in the Dining Room

What about in the dining room? There you’ll find dishes organizers where plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and things are stored in.

Those are the most popular ones. You can certainly add some other kinds of storage for some other needs.

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