5+ Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas

4 Excellent Storage Ideas You Can’t Just Ignore

The very essence of the use of storage is to store or keep things. Based on such a definition, the manifestation of storage can be anything as long it is deliberately used for storing. At home, storage ideas are simply limitless. Instead, your own creativity becomes only the limit.

Everybody can formulate his or her own model or models of storage that may have never been made by anybody else. Hence, let’s count how many different kinds of storage possibly existing in the world.

Related to it, I also have my own models of storage that I have located in my own house. And, now, I want to share those with you all, guys.

  • Floating Wooden Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is so common but a floating shoe rack certainly isn’t that popular, is that? By making a floating shoe rack you can get double benefits. First off, you’ll get the floor look cleaner and the room wholly looks tidier. Then, by choosing wood, you’ll get easier to find the material and also to make cut and assemble. Besides, wood is cheap.

  • Leaning Display Shelves

Talking about the best storage ideas, you can leave behind this one: an organizer for your CDs and Cassettes. Organizing small stuffs like CDs, Cassettes, and things like those that I have just mentioned is sometimes ignore. The result is that you your room is full of clutter. The storage solution to such a problem is this one:  leaning display rack of shelves that look simple but can tidy up the room. Such an idea only needs a support from the wall to lean the shelves. It is simple as that.

  • Corner Storage Nook

Not many people utilize the corners inside their homes to set up storing spaces. It is contrast with the fact that every corner can be optimally utilized for storing things. Try the idea of corner storage so that you will have an excellent storage nook in some corner of your home. To apply this idea is easy. You just need some sheets of PVC board or wood planks to make diagonal shelves that connect one side of the room to another.

  • Under-stairs Bookcase

Creating storage for books without requiring too much space is one of the smartest storage ideas. Principally, it makes use of spaces supposed not to be used for anything. The space below the stairs is a good area to apply such an idea not only because it can store many books but also the central location of it.

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