5+ The Available Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets

The Available Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets

The Available Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets

Sorrento and Bolden furniture set concept is able to be considered as perfect theme

Sorrento bedroom set is able to be great cheap bedroom furniture sets for your room. This concept has a wonderful bedroom set which is different with others. We can look at the bed concept first. The bed frame is divided into two layers. The first layer is headboard part; this part is dominated by dark color which is classic design. Then, the second layer is bottom part, it is dominated with light brown color which has storage box on the bottom part. We can use this storage for saving some bed supplies. Then, let us move to the nightstand. The nightstand is made of plywood material with stainless steel handle of the drawer door. This nightstand consists of two drawers with dark brown domination. For the bedroom vanity, it is same idea for the nightstand. The good looking is coming from the mirror. This mirror is like a princess one. It has big square size with carved design on the top part. The frame of the mirror is made of teal wood material. So, it is strong and durable. When you want to apply this Sorento bedroom set, it is better when you plywood vinyl board as your flooring. It is because this set is suitable with semi classic nuance. You can bring it home with $448 only.

Meanwhile, if you have dream to have modern concept for your room with cheap bedroom furniture sets, maybe you can come to American Freight shop for having this one. There are many modern bedroom sets that you can take from this shop, of course with affordable price. It is like Bolden modern bedroom sets offered. Actually, this set is similar with other concept; the different part is from the color selection and shape of the furniture. The vanity and the nightstand of this set is still in same numbers and with same shape. But, the difference is from the color. Black is fulfilling this concept from the all furniture. As we know that black is identical with modern concept, especially for monochrome one. Then, the next black one is on the headboard of the bed. It is rectangle shape only without any carved motif. But, the unique part is on the bottom part of the bed frame which is dominated with olive color. However, I think this concept is very genius although with simple idea. The price offered for this set is $298 only.

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