5+ Trying To Apply Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Trying To Apply Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Trying To Apply Contemporary Living Room Furniture

I never imagine that contemporary living room furniture is really wonderful concept for us

I never think that contemporary living room furniture is incredible concept till I found the great idea of this in six months ago. Yes, now I have contemporary decoration of all of my room, especially for my living room. I fell in love with this concept when I was looking for the new decoration for my old living room which is not good and it could be said absurd one. I don’t know, I can’t call it as what, but it is real my experience. I and my husband have little understand about living room concept, so we just put what we liked in the room. At the first, I thought it was going to good. And yes, in the first and second month, it was still nice panorama for us, but next we couldn’t stand anymore. It was really breaking my mood everyday because it was not good looking. How could it be good when we put the big couch with green dominated color and red color on the wall painting? First, I thought that it was becoming colorful and cheerful nuance, unfortunately, it was not. And then, I tried to search decoration for living room via internet then I found beautiful gorgeous idea for my living room. Well, actually my living room is not belonging to large space category, but it is not too small also. I think it is standard size.

I really like the concept what I got at internet then I decided to use it for redecorating my living room. The contemporary living room furniture idea that I use actually is simple and easy applying. But, the combination between flooring, wall painting and the furniture is really wonderful. I followed all of the instruction for getting the best result. First, I removed my ceramic tile and changed it with wooden vinyl flooring. It is giving natural nuance but still contemporary looking. Then I repainted my wall with calm color, and here I chosen cream color for having nice panorama, and it is really successful. For my furniture, I replaced my old furniture with beige sofa which consists of three pieces of loveseats and a ottoman. You know what? My living room is becoming the best space in my house. I love the panorama till I never want to leave this area. For getting this result, I spent budget around $1,898. It is standard price for this greatest one, I think.

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