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Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen

The Theme, Colors, And Materials Of A Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan kitchen style basically refers to a broader category – Tuscan home style – that was originated from the Tuscan culture. As for the latter, it is cannot be separated from traditional culture of Tuscany, one of the regions in Italy. Hence, it makes sense of some people generalize the definition and relate the style to the whole Italian culture.

How is to identify Tuscan style of a kitchen? It is quite peculiar and thus easy to identify if we talk about whether such a kitchen style is too general or quite specific in design.

In details, there are several elements of Tuscan kitchen that can show you how such a kitchen style is and help you to distinguish it from any other style of kitchen.

  • The Tuscan Theme

One of the reasons such a kitchen style recognizable is that because it has a certain or specific theme that is totally different from the others. Material type and color preference are two of a few indicators of the theme. Such a kitchen style is comprised of various materials making it look quite rich. Besides, it is always fulfilled with warm colors that make the interior always feel warm even in the winter. Another point of the theme is the food-focusing feature it has. You know, there are always fruits, vegetables, and some other kinds of food on the island’s top.

What is the use of all of those foods? Originally, the kitchen style supports the local people’s culture of family gathering and rejoicings.

Uniquely, there are some kinds of food popular for a Tuscan kitchen – wine and grapes.

  • The Tuscan Colors

I use the term ‘Tuscan colors’ to say that the colors of such a kitchen style have already been the trademark of the style. As stated before, the colors are warm. It means that the combination of each of such colors always creates a warm atmosphere.

In details, the preferable colors of the Tuscan style of a kitchen are beige, brown, gold, green, bronze, and green. All of those are variably used in all of the kitchen’s elements.

  • The Tuscan Materials

There are lots of materials for such a kitchen style. Among them are hardwoods, flagstones, granite or marble, iron and stainless steel, and things that represent the materials of all of the components of the kitchen, e.g. the walls, cabinets and the tops, sink and faucet, decorative elements, etc.

There still several elements like lighting, décor, and flooring that can explain more about a Tuscan kitchen. But, I will talk it later in the next article.

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