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Wood Flooring

The Types Of Wood Flooring You Should To Know

Wood flooring is one type of flooring are offered at prices ranging from affordable to the most expensive. Floor has a very important role in maximizing the interior look of a room and it will be our duty as a homeowner to be able to choose the right type of flooring in accordance with the view that we want.

In its development, we will find some type of wood flooring we need to know one by one before deciding to implement one of them.

(1) Solid wooden floor – this is one kind of wood floors are offered with 3 main types namely strip flooring, plank flooring and parquet flooring. Each of the wooden floors has a width and thickness of different levels. For strip flooring, this is a wooden floor with a fixed width and thickness varying levels. For plank flooring, this is a wood floor which has two board thickness and width that varies. As for the parquet floor, it is a wooden floor with a geometric pattern that handling is done by using an adhesive or fastening mechanism.

(2) Engineered wooden floor – this is one type of wood flooring are made by attaching a plastic veneer laminates coatings with real wood. This floor can be installed as a floating floor on top for various types of sub-floor. When we asked about the difference with laminate flooring, then this will be very easy to answer. Laminate flooring involves the real woods in the making, but simply placed on top of the board which is then compressed to produce a design similar to the original wood.

(3) Acrylic impregnated wooden floor – this is one type of flooring that is generally used in a variety of commercial projects with similar specifications with hardwood flooring – very hard, extremely scratch resistant and moisture resistant. This floor is infused with sealant and colored through the whole thickness of the wood. (4) Laminate wooden floor – this is one of the floors with a design resembling the original wood made of compressed fibers process using melamine wear layer. The advantage of this floor is quite tough, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. By knowing some types of wood flooring, then at least we have had more an idea of ​​one type of flooring that has been chosen by the owner of the house and being able to choose the right floor to suit the tastes, needs, and abilities.

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